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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 6, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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[ t lighhtlauger ] arhilliny clsaton heid td wor ro "psigres15ve" es timin durg st laht nigeb's date. es do w shetoant th be xte ne idpresorent n theflext o? la [ erught ] je shb buot's m fher,r ormet firs dy laba barusra boih, jhined m on th mpe ca taign yrailrdesteoray f e tht firstime. ghthou d shempid ezehasit tha e shl stil'thasnid dechoed w s she'ngvoti. for [ htlauger ] pe exsarts aty thup a sower bl ha melftifo percerman b can oost s salen of astartius's my ic b stalmo p 100nterce. y ifonou del't b mieveuse, jt thask gge biseest g llinstarti of 5. 201 ug[ la ]hter go ldod ot lefk.shar gh[ liugt la ]hter yo a e utub nuser tamedoohe fd rg suhaeon les re aased v newideo sh g owintohow la rephece t utpeante but ar inse reeup's c edfillh wit foreongilli. e thitway ks woryo is seu lo
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apof h [ htlauger ] ac incord ag to p newofoll ha porry ftter tans,oshe mt lapopuelr spoml fr n theooew bk se iriese s thecprot stive pell ec"expatto pm.ronu" deincilyntalxp, "e pectonuatrom" a isthlso ele spurl maviy poch us o es trmdetewhine r etheotor n reyou' f ther.athe la [ erught ] ac incord ag to - newie- qut wn do. ug[ la ]hter riall ght. [ auapplse ] [ rschee a andusppla]e al ghl rit. rdaccotoing ew a nor rephet, t ernumbba of nbies hamedryilla dehas secrea% d 90e sinc bi lill c wntonreas pntside. [ t lighhtlauger ] thand s is ireinteg.stin th haere ves neenr beab a by me narnd beie. la [ erught ] a t-starn up ia chinomis cing r undeiccritfoism vir giexng s do tolls ir thee maloyemplatees
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d andynobo m wassuore serprid th hean t d sex.olls la [ erught ] d anllfina ty, assenneanee m wi heth td worch"psyato" td tooe on f hiseaorehs d wastarreed th eeis wr k fobistabomng s eone hein tma stoch. c ofe,oursyo if veu haat a ttoo ouon yrer fo, headatno mwhter at it s, saysa it psys "."ycho [ t lighhtlauger ] esladi g andementlween, e hav-- [ rschee a anduspplae ] a --at grew shoyofor niu toght. tfromewhe nm fil t"how o be ng si lle,"e esli imanncks ba on th owe sh. [ rschee a anduspplae ] al heso, he's tr staheof t broff-ayoadwy plart"sma pe ."ople uajoshks jacoion js.ns u ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] frand heom t m new "oviethe cechoien," bn jamierwalkl wilbe pistopy ng bshthe onow t.ight ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s it inta fac asti tshowhis en evoning te "laht nig." bebut wforet e gellto at, tha hi y llartoclind n an be srniersandee hav ebeenedngag a incan esnglatid feu wthiseek
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elmantpr of ssogreive. an std laht nigt tha bfeud roke ou at inte heackd ba f and orth th orat f f the tirstgoime stt ju f asy eistheas tub repn lica tedebas. r fo omoreisn th's, ite timfor "a se clookr lo." ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> seth:iso th o warrdf wos be whgan eren bsanie s nder es quedtionla hilliry c'snton encreds tial aa asgr proveessi, tipoino ng tmaa reherk se mad ylastinear ch whi s she aid, qu "ote,t i geseaccu bd of eing ki f nd oramodendte ate cenr. pl i guead ."ilty hito wepch rcaublivens eerrywhe , said p"sheguled ?ilty to t? wha" gh[ liugt la ]hter , no bjust aeinger modate. oh n., ma gsthinwe beteren bannie d ll hionary scly eedalatm fro e.ther h >>ryillant clindon a iebernde sanpars sg rrinctdirely er ovgr proveesside crelsntia. be srniersandest blaed ll hiclary n into sin as erieof tw .eets >> la hilliry c hntonngittik bac to cday,ngausis thi abacknd fo anrth tid ullymateul res ting in et som ohingtwf a r itte.spat >> ay todha we isd thk bacand rt fo th onerwitt. we a hadtt twiarer w. tetwitorr stm.
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rn beanie s adersnd hi y llartoclind n haita twter r. wa ju ikst le e the/kanykhwiz a alif ud feep exc ot nosene ue d th sh hatag in #fingersoothebsbtyas.itch la [ erught ] pl[ ap ]ause k thangod. th goank eyd thn' didt. acin frut, tore sthey, t te in wrnetetar b bweene erni su tepporndrs ala hilry orsupp gterso ot sedheats thi tweeksohat erme bsunie tepporrs rwereteeporbadly fnnedrom ti ander cfterigampa oninge n th da atingpp. [ t lighhtlauger ] do can't gnmpai for rn beanie s odersndn tier! ertindth is ste lace pla you nt wahe to fear "heel tn. ber" ug[ la ]hter w, no d thee ebat hoverryilla and iebernro's psigresreve ciadentls re essolvun arocod a oupley f ke su isines, includllg his ary'ties to l waletstre b ande'ernis re ocordn n gurocontl. th nde caesidat t hadhawo c nces th eeis w ak tossddrese tho is isuesrsn pendon a f the irst me cawe on dadnesriy du tng aown ha n ll o wcnn,hihen y llarwas ke asoud abr t hesidecio on ttake ea sp fkingfrees om go n ldmas.sach ou>> ye made threchspeeores f ld gosaman chs. u yo pwere$6aid 0075,0 t forhree
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wa ats this a m?take s wa athat e bad irrorn ju ntdgme? l >> iook,e makchspeeo es tlot g ofs.roup ldi tom the iwhatug thoht. an i edswerst que.ions >> d butouid ye have to b paid ,0$67500? w >> iell,'t donw. kno 'sthatt wha otheyedffer. s >> yeth:eah. li [ laght erught ] togot e takf it i othey iffert. gobut n ldmas,sacht whas?give y ifavou h75e $6 l,000ying ndaroun', dookt bo arhilliny clton. r fo mthatmouch yney,anou c get ke havin rt. [ t lighhtlauger ] ve hae somfun. aride.long [ t lighhtlauger ] fin aw-ollohiup, y llarwas d askehewhet wr it gas amoood ve po calitifolly r r heakto te e th ea sp fkinggiees thven heat s was li tkelyn o ruprfor enesidt ag anain idd sas. thi ve>> eecry sryretast of thate at owi kn d hasthone at. >> t buts hat'g usinr theiceoffi noand nnt rufoing or ane ffic tlikehis. t >> ho bet,onesas i w--n't i sn waom't cedmittru to g.nnin di i kdn'twhnow r etheuli wod or no t. >> d yout idn'k thinweyou re ingotog un ror fre pntside ai agn? i >>n' didt. s >> yeth:idou dn't? yo hu'reryillant clion. u yo aweres lwayg goinunto r for idpres ient,r f fothno oer as rehaon te n thootatt.
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al anso, r otheg,thinhe eitt r si do yown, ysu gu g, oridet r of th chose .airs gh[ liugt la ]hter ur yog fen ishuimes a ss. it hr's tg owinllus a. off li [ laght erught ] pl[ ap ]ause so h wite thesgrdisanteemes sp ngilli i oute n th, openthe e stagsewas r t fonsa tebae dete la igst nn ht oc,msnb a andt lmos diimmey atelfithe ngghti got edheatci spellficaery ov iebernse's uth of rde wo ab"estmelishtont" cr desibe arhilly. hi y llaronrespbyded yi denng sh eve's eeer bfln ineduenc by mp ca daignioonatns. t >> ihereiss thac attatk th 's he tt pufoing whrth reich callyomes tdownouo, yw, knobo anyhody w teverdoook onnati ss orinpeakg ffeesanrom tey in grest hroupas to bo be .ught d ansti juol absy utelctreje at thna, setor. d anali reonly dhi't thenk tse s kindttof a backssiy inionuatn ar rte wof hy oyou. enand ioughous engh. if 'v yout e gothsometoing , say y sairit dy.ectl
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wh isich la hilliry c fntonor, "c atome b me,ro." [ t lighhtlauger ] co t me ame. la [ erught ] heso tsi tenason wpa palanble d o itesnly tecalaomd frre the. ou>> yl wilfinot hand tevt i er an cha ged oviewvor a ecte bause nyof aat don tionsi hat ever ivreceed. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] i and shave utoodd p anvei ha esreprd enteonmy cuestittonts bethe f st obimy a, lityi'and m ry veud proth of at. >> k you--now o >> sini th'sk ite timndto e e th averyl rtfur smea ythatou d an cyourigampaven han bee ca ngrryi. out h whiceris bsanie s nder"ofor h, ll he.", no la [ erught ] stbut iill,ptt keti getng wo rse. et>> lal's touk abe t thesissu. bo [ ]oing le tat's bolk aheut tue issats th di uvided s ans let'-- >> y, oka's letk talt abou esissu. w >>the boee agrh witaicampgn fi e nancrmrefo. l >> tet'sabalk itout . >> or i whaked orrd f mc -fcainoleingd. nti ware to e verszecitins un .ited >> 's letk talt abouesissu. l >> tet'sabalk isout .sues l >> tet'sabalk isout .sues s >> leth: tet'sabalk out
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th asat we likhiwatcoung yr re pafints y nall thavefihat ght er ovey mony' theeeve boin avding fo arr yes. gh[ liugt la ]hter "o ouh, yt wano to d rthis ight anow,e t thancompcny piinic, t fronveof ee?ryon ok leay, dot's no it w!" [ t lighhtlauger ] e thera was edheatk bacand fo rth. a itfelso edaturin an sttereing de tbateiqechnorue fni bere -- ra g isinfihis angerimny t e he nt wao ed tsosay inmethg. e'>> woire go ng t pmakeesrogrs to ergethn whepri'm enesidt. g >>heet andad ay stad.ahea at thno is rpt coe oratr powethat ha bs todre add.esse t>> whel alrest getaruys e tr tying to --y o trto ueinflnce. w>> ibeill p then ersowho enprevhets tomm frr evekiwrecng ecthe y onomn.agai s >> ieth: ts heg ryinesto rpond r fofoask e r thk?chec la [ erught ] us"exc, e meerwait. ha i have 'onmiltck' ti"ets! gh[ liugt la ]hter t soebhe dwaate iss fety. it l wasthike moe des crat fi y nallthgot moe mem frothe re icpublthans amat cnspaig are me toant kn be doock-drwn, utag o tsfigh. whand ilen h claryonlint was as ifked w she pouldick iebernde sans rs aruher g nnin ma shte, nte wefo in e r thkill ot sh. f >> isoi'm tu for tnate to behe
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alto t ak to wbout where ae gond wehow i getnet dol wilbe tosenandr saers. et>> skah: oy. a lelitt p tooe olitmyfor st taes. t buunforty ateliebernde sanrs thwas toere in go t forilhe kl .shot i >>pe hap rn toctespe the se arcretryy veh. muc i ihopemut's .tual d anuron ost wors, dayhi i tnk it fa is o ir twesay 1 are00 s timeerbettn thareany icpublan nd cae.idat ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> h: set, ughguyou reys a no fu n. is th b hasa een erclosoo lk. ee[ chndrs ala app]use we be'll ht rigk bac mwithore "l niate "ght. [ rschee a anduspplae ] yi bumang sonrtphores f w the holelyfamiex is ivpense. t no-mat teobil fo lir a d mite, time eccht k our ou ohalf ffhosmtpntne eve. ge
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. e diwher gd ito? 'itt s no na gum.inot a m t. its 'bra hreaktghouco in .ol ickee breal rs coots.blas sq ?!uire bwhatmaeer fey i yotch myu, or ld? um..m. i'lle havre a add's applele. peand aprhwrs a chen. . nowrena ch, ena wrch. dd rele's app ale. al n so iwbstra erryd ann greee.appl an pisic.o mui' ym gladinalou fly t,made i thaveexo ceperiens ci thity. attht 's whawayou alay.ys s yo ru were aboightheut t food. jhin. hoh keyin. ev t speny the dan with aonauastrt. reone mo. 's itif beautisn'ul, ?t it abhow baout a ll seba ngamemeext ti? done! do ne. ribook p ecelessiencxperares heound t w globe..ith. ..
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] et>> selh: w bcometoack te "la gh nievt," oderyby. fiour gurst toest t nigh is a ry veen talacted s tresyowho u kn roow flmm fichs su"k as ednock up fu," "penny ,"ople " andthe ot woher "man. u yosecan r e hestlateje proct tlentihoed " bw tonge siinle" th rseatery evee wher fe rybruah. 12t t'letas akeoo lk. >> s he' -like- y wa o >>h. no . w >>hy? >> au bece'se ho s tog.youn yoall guung anys wo na davis he x sedaall y. l aledi neju is qst a tuicken
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na p. olhow td islihat nttleeribbl yw anay? l >>twike -entyve- sen? t >>nlhe oasy re gon aikuy le wthat eouldtaver o lk ts me iif d i haesa prticriporon fic medal jumariana. noso, . i >>nk this he'ngcomir ove .here ye noah, 's, heal tot-ly - it wa m, he bightine go gg toet fo od. do lon't veok oerr the. heno, om's cing. 's hee. her li [ laght erught ] s >> peth:e leasomwelccke ba to th owe shsl, leanie mn. ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> hi. et>> souh: yk looerwondful. o >> soudo y. et>> so h: slylovese to u.e yo k thansoyou h. muc ou>> y do. >> h: sets thi vis atialen ne's moday vie. w >>ree we t allngalkiut abo how sohandoume y b aretaacksge. et>> seah: rlly? m->> mhmm. >> h: set m oh,ody go.ness m i'a gonn aneedt lishoof w at th i alls. >> t andyohat veu haer a vtey cu hebrotr. >> h: set y oh, ieah, do. vei haea a rhally mendso ot brher. me sopl peoy e sa hhe'somandser th e,an m i but't don.
12:52 am
in re thest fir. 'c iausenk thi o the bldererroth is ay alwlis a bttler ette inlookg. o,>> n'r youtte beooer l.king >> h: setnk tha. you k thansoyou h. muc i' adm glgo we att th o oute f th way. >> y. oka et>> so,h: ss thi is a va inlentdae's viy moe. --you pi haparly m triedo ju padd afotow yr 20 nearsow. w >> eell, -ightne- ni -- 18 . 1/2 s >> geth:a.otch u' yoeeve brrn maoried ilhapp iy --bet's 0 en 2but yo ou'vebenly apen h fpilyor 18 ? 1/2 [ t lighhtlauger ] e'>> wnlve oeny bepy hap for re thare yet s ouhaof t t 18 ye ars. ug[ la ]hter s >> beth:ouut y - metu - yomet a onie mov. set d andiyou t d noizreal we heas ir fl wtingyoith auu 'cisse h wgame las ae ittlusconfing. t is--his >> l, welwa he ys -- weah,ree we inwork "g oncathe guble y." et>> skah: oy. >>nd ae hptkeen sngdiis h ersist i miamynto il trao er t mtellate thwa he ins go ag on oflot d hot aatesadnd hot a l of ie lad hs inifis lnde, aas i w li - ke -dni diet't g it. wa i kes liod "go h forim. la [ erught ] at thre's gat. ."good thand e en hteinvi td meo a ba basketamll ge. >> h: sety vernice.
12:53 am
t of.imes la [ erught ] heand ik's lnoe, "u , yo thaveo me co." soand en i w ht toouis hanse, d m hemeade gh spa wettiraith gu uc sae. d an-- gh[ liugt la ]hter >> h: set y didhiou tounk ye wer go toing hy a pl sicaetbask ball me ga h andste juug bro-ht - el>> we l, wdid. et>> sh,h: o d youid. , okay.good >> di we td gobao a basketll ga bume, pit i hckedp im u usbecadie i wdn'thiant mim cong m toary apt.tmen se'caui if thaveavo lee -- la [ erught ] s>>h:etou yon d w'tt an ltoveea in la a peay, yh. >> on i dan't w bt touce stkek li th wi d himngrivi. s >> seth: oure,urf cose. >> s anduto, bal he adso h the wo bnder wreadthith e shfleis man'armargine. s >> oeth:anh, m. nd>> ae somr othes gros, foodi n' domet re.mber d an hthenaye ple ed m "h weeavys.ight" s >> "eth:ywheavtseigh." s. ye >> ch whiwr he abote kiout -ds - >> h: sete lik akidsfat a t mp caah, ye. nd>> at thahiwas ous, yw, kno hi mes gagu, i ess. hi s -- la [ erught ] et>> s gh: i bottanee host. n'i doowt kn t whosahat orys me ab tout,thhat asat w p hisorlan th t at iedworkyo on u. i >>w. kno owi kn.
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th ink. >> h: set y hadeeou brrn te ible atat duping il untn the ythatou th t ough, like, "wow ithiss a ca ?tch" gh[ liugt la ]hter adhe m se meetpaghheti, 's sh g owinisme hie mov. nd>> aad i hll read y bae tastin me n. la [ erught ] dobut wen't w allwehen in're r ouy earl20s? >> h: seth. yea co i 'tuldnd finoda go i guyn my s. 20 [ t lighhtlauger ] d>> i -atedll- weda, i a ted y guwawho bs inenetwese hous 'c hauseule co -dn't w- hed orke t atewhe nndssta. t buasit we likcothe ol ne anwsstd. [ htlauger ] he c wasool. et>> so,h: st waie'thers an r othe fwordn or ieebetwn ho .uses ug[ la ]hter h >>s e walehomess. [ htlauger ] ashe w. hebut he -- s was cuper ute, --and bu ntt waoted n thing wo doith
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d anouof cthrse adat m we meant lito, - ke -kei lim d hi even mo re. an pd hed arkecahis hr --d e ha ca a or --deutsith of ste po ceoffibe on y verl.ain l. soand wa he was alikys le, h,"yea b i'm iusy,'t donw. kno" d anoui th "ght,heoh, 's ea ch oting."n me an cod i --uld k you dnow, rive t byoshe pfit ofndce ahi if s nd wiweows tere s iamy,w knehe wa mes ho. [ htlauger ] so ou i celld toul, yw, kno he 'twasnat cheoning h me,sne wa't he - was- >> ho -- n me icahis r. ug[ la ]hter th neat op sliugthrourh yo ng fiers. >> no i kw. at th r was bighte efor.judd et>> sowh: way, ok. so a nowf ll odda supaen stighet whand brite soead pundsy rett .good >> t' thay s whha-- twht's y it edwork! , yeahadhe hou a et>> seah: yhah, talt's eal grt. an u d yoow-- n a you- re -lli wi thsay liis, yoke, mu'reedarri t bureyou'll sti'c -- iausen
12:56 am
fknowthrom ipe cl. plyou day ar,octo y butetou g - to - wthatakas jcye la's, he a erwondacful tor. geyou ft toarool woundliith ke yo a r ungeguy. ea>> yh. s>>h:etnd asn i -'twa- ths at ce ni? y >>eah. ug[ la ]hter it n wasice. u yo, knowrsactoay alwy,s sa ke liea, "yt'h, ials rearly hd, obmy j. lit'ssoike hn tec wicalyohen u l doscove .enes nit'sunot fal at l. i t don'y enjot it a"all. th bat's[ ull p blee]. ug[ la ]hter et>> shah: tgrt's toeat r. hea l>> iitove ! it o 's sfun. pe eslycialyo if iu'ren a -tlongreerm onlati, ship ylikeou a get pfreetoass -- et>> seah: yh. la [ erught ] >> j andlaake hacey s ppene to b al re- ly - lhe's--ike la [ erught ] he - 's - -he'sll- wers, fi t of hall,ese goth to m e gyt.a lo ug[ la ]hter s >> yeth:eah. a >>e'nd hirs ha, lessh whicis ff dit eren jfromudd. la [ erught ] d anadhe hpi to e ck m lup aot. adwe hdo to s thilelitt sex e scene wheriche pmeked an up d
12:57 am
la [ erught ] s >> feth:stantaic. nd>> ah, yeawa he eas grt. bu u t yo, knowashe hre a gat rs peitonalooy, t. et>> sh-h: uhuh. [ t lighhtlauger ] fe i ikel lu'e yoqure sngeezi th n at iheat t a end dnd i on't in thatk thte matrs. >> i butfe preddr ju. >> h: sety. oka at thic's ne. [ t lighhtlauger ] e'ther--s a p your refe tjuddo ja i'ke, uyll bt. tha bu u t yoandid er int jviewt unke es prhes, woure you're lkt taing ou abist thie movu , yocabasilly lk taa to rtrepoboer aouut fr mi s nute tat aime. ea>> yesh, y. >> h: setr ovecothe oursef a da y. i inimag ge it--ets g you et a lelittp slay.happ >> py looah, ye. s >> teth:ishis a yound da jkotaonohnsur, yost co-n ar i fithe lm. y >>eah. >> h: setan i whona s tw --ishis yo lku tatoing ew a npos re, rter i and a wann ofindf ut iliyou ke dd jue mor hthanim. s let' alookist thl reak.quic >> y. oka a >>oure ygl sine? >> m i alesing. ou>> yha're ndsome. w >>thow, yoank u. oo>> lotk, h. guy >> g hotuy. >> this is amazing. c >>ouan ye takyooff hiur srt? >> h. yea y >>uyou gs! ay>> m'lbe idol un b onen.utto w >>akho mhaes titt su? >> b onen.utto 'bhow twout tto buons? tw tto buons. t >>orwo mtte buons? es>> y. ug[ la ]hter
12:58 am
mo alrost bomke swse la. >> no i kw. kn i ow. -well- s >> heth:yoave lku tao ed tthat gu ncy sie? o.>> n [ light laughter ] 's itrd weiau bece se w -were- yo owu knm , i'insittthg wi tadako d allnday a's she 26 ar yed.s ol an ngd sile. beand fuautil. an kid i f nd ot starkithinng ithatik'm lr e heasor we lik he r. >> h: sete. sur >> e andonverysae's lyingike, ha "witt's e like to blesing, wh iat'sket li?" atand st fir l i'm "ike,, well i' eeve brrn ma iied,be've en ma d.rrie" d an ithenge fort. rgi foet. [ htlauger ] soand et i ggh cau it upe n th e wholg.thin an m d i', likeh!"yea" neand hixt t kng ii'now kim asng th uyis gta to ffke o s his.hirt [ t lighhtlauger ] et>> sndh: an the oit'sn me cara. >> t andithen n 's oracame, ah ye. et>> so h: s i ea>> ye h, hitsaw . heand ye -- heah, e madeeme fl abbad itout . li [ laght erught ] he ik's lyee, "i ah, thsaw at in ietervw. 'swhatwi up hath tt?" bu ent th g theweuy t tetedhat te inw rvieanout ddd juet tweed ba ikck loue "fe!rsom t' let s gethtogender ae hava sofourme."
12:59 am
n'i doowt knt wha-- et>> so,h: sca he ren't ally ttakeighe houh grnynd a more on e ce h fsaysomourse. o.>> n >> h: setl, welin agakn, i ouow y gguyshrot tocee linked u', yore il stokl lofoing for a .urth i' ved lojo to in. la [ erught ] th yoank mu sofouch inr beckg ba heon tw. sho ha>> tounk ymu so ch. et>> so h: st greaeeto s. you ha>> tounk y. ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sesh: lmalie evnn, oderyby. ec cht k ou t"how so bee"ingl in th rseateru feb12ary th. be ht rigk bac with uajoshks jacon. ea[scrming] e th nboldsaisgun roe, iwithuint ative wll dheelveri. cabee wiusernteeds n a hero. w noa get 99$1 m perthonse lea
1:00 am
ss ninoan. in tvationexcihat tes. o wh dknew aatesasnd chews edmashet togcoher tauld liste a keiecook? yo inu theyk thas'd tikte le te dad s anewcashs. , nopeiecook. ir wed. lar.rabad foo fmadeforom od. lwhena.aquintndcom seaigs crls wieaon a r ydy forlertou a the ndseco roo his rm iseady,ya w kno hwhatcoe bemes?gr propeat ! osaltalet's elk morover f. gol grea t. ouhow aber tt ovs?enni bevenr.ette me ca gaerhang!
1:01 am
[ eech ars andlappe us] et>> selh: w bcome ack, ybeverody. sepleae givp it uthfor e 8g obandthver ere. h so tappyveo ham the uwiths. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] al heso, ee's bttn siining on um drl s al aweek wlongthith e 8g .band tfromewhe nk yor'scity j theon cespenuer blpls exn,osioas plee igive ft upusor r ssells.imin k thanveyou ucry mh -- >> nk tha. you >> h: setfo -- inr bereg hes thi , weekelrussl. co acme by k an.time it ee's bden a t lighnghavi. you ieearldar to wy, iazas gouing t my do winatw, wg chinthe ow snesflakl fali and dncoul't lp he t but think--hat i'm y,sorrou i ce ld bg wron, here
1:02 am
g.thin it's time for a "yrnbut." et>> selh: w tcomee o th burn .zone we go've lot a tt ofs opicto si tzzleghhrout , not a loof ti me. hoverisere b ther.urne le tut's n rn ogathe d s an load he .r up hiyatcch mati. [ htlauger ] rs fi, t uplddonamp tru. yo ouu thyoght wiu'd wan io. thyou t oughd you'evwin hierytng an u d yo'tdidn. u yo tlostd o te.cruz 'sthate likuhif md ammaloali st f toerrasicr -- ane. bside turn,rued cz. s >>buide rn. >> h: t set, rumpalyou sayways eric amesa don n't wioranyme. we well, e lcommeto a, ricay.budd na doruld tyomp, enu arir't fed, reyou't jusiron fcae beyause bu rnt. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ca esucus. w hohethe o ll dwoyou rk? ani meve, i' i hadplt exd aineto 2 meme0 tiuts, bio ser, uslyhow th lle heyo do rku wo? u' yo bre a ounchitf whope pele distanrong ainund ig a hhoh scol gy kem liy the rjustd ushethe
1:03 am
me ga. 's ite likira weomd prh witno c musianor d.cing llis aio of hewa tn tow from oo "fsetloo"? uc ca, usesvothe hates eeve bn ietalld d anurya bnt. pl[ ap ]ause lo akw stapes rf. bee mei re wmbershhen fiots red an meatt thts sho a hadllctuay en beed fir. no u w yo thaveroo schrll t ough me sos one'tetwitedr fefi to nd t ou wwhatwrent ong. nobut nyw kad e ankhwiz a alif tedelel d alr theitstwee i, so t can' bevenree sut wha ha edppen. i kknow'sanye a mad bout me sog,thinus i jn't cat t pumy fi inger.n it [ htlauger ] stlow rakeseeap bouf, y're ndgrouu', yooare r, stedya t.burn [ auapplse ] tlastvaime inlentdae's fty gis. i iffet's rybruah 13tyoand u're t atalhe hk lmare,stor you adalreewy bl it. la [ erught ] ev kiery egss bwiins ayth k and y everkubreagip beitns wh a ha rilf-pboced rx ofllusse erstovco chos.late la [ erught ] knyou t'ow icrs a gappyifift piyou ickedt t oun of ae aisl at th f wasd ille hwithwealloen ca a ndy h montago. h >> vappytialen dne'say.
1:04 am
lk ta wou, heayld sme "i cae fre wi omth sgae ciesrett." -mlaste inutntvales ine'day , gifturya bnt. ap [ seplau ] otownnxf puwnsutaey. noi'm prt imd esse ywithour ndgrouhog. be n tweee thosd weirittrad ions d ang bein thomeplo a caace lled legobbknr's i'ob, llm caiting t righnow. th i yoink ysu gu i aresonto me ea frexky sff stu. la [ erught ] wh onich ye ofs ou ilegobbr? h bet.ones [ htlauger ] byand w thegoay, r'bbleobs kn so lundsthike rle wowod's rst un cowetry n sterbagay r. la [ erught ] it waec a s hond,'tavendo we ne is thor befe? ca u n yo pguysbalay asck lt 'syearbu ya rnt? ls>> ahio, tl s al dgoesatown a pl caace gllederobblno's kb. bb gos ler' sknobs ound tlikehe d'worlrss wount cowetry n ster bagay r. et>> sh.h: o 's ite likndgroudahog y. [ htlauger ] he uny, pawxsut yney,etou bter baget n ck i hthat'cole yausea rn but. ap [ seplau ] nt wimeerti s drykin. w hos it i tthat'shere f twoeet etof wsh sluth on oue gretnd y i n' candt fiin a sdrgle f op o is mo iture en mye ntir?body la [ erught ] so alnk thar s fongmaki my uc kn bkles.leed
1:05 am
tu f rn ocethe y nturr.boxe anmy hreds adr so cay i n te liy rallpesharpen a wncilith osa clised ft. .look ug[ la ]hter erwint dtimekiry s mn, ieeay nd lo btionouut yd nee baloeseecau urya bnt. ap [ seplau ] pe suwlr boti pares. loyou oove fl,tbalwh so t y no e closthout ase sey on b brceleg atin pwithe eoplof wi vldlyngaryiel lev s of th ensmusia t foramhe ge. s let'thsee rte paies. ok loth at are st ltingp.ineu f up, irstweshe o nt ta no asrthe lternalibers art ll cothege idat dhan't ve a ot fo pballamrogr. it he's tl girfewho baels r d fo lothe tsingeam. [ t lighhtlauger ] iswho t thahein tne corr inchews g his nailubto ns? tit'so-he cerwork i who fs noun usbeca be he let af ot oy moneon te a haam tget's g ttinhecrusd. exup nout, y't dont wanher , hereshand ese dowan't o nt tbe eherer.ithe tit'sumhe bwimer hofe wps kee in br ugingonp "ciocussn." [ htlauger ] tfromhihe oato stive untyersi u hetosed ty pard harnobut w 's heee asl ap inli recbyner the ir thard quter.
1:06 am
la [ erught ] e sht can'erbe h pe inn ersobut if g theisame se clo k younow mo gom's toing l calhein t fo qurtheruarth witesa qu tion ou aburt yote easanr pls. gh[ liugt la ]hter d ancowho fould trgetouhe cple bthathtrougoo a t d bigog? ug[ la ]hter ngood eews,boveryyody, u're ou ab ft toouind get to ttherhat do esg gozy crary evee timhe ar hewhs a e.istl d an swhat buper50owl ty par ul wo bdn'tmpe co wleteutitho the de du k who aeepsg skinn'"whes tihalfoime go ng theget re? m i'sijoneorng fe somplcolday." f >>rsingess croored fll "yeow." et>> stuh: fea tringoohe fdie iswho ap distepoin od none is ti eaheng tsc proo iuttmeloand n b hehtroug. al roso fe m theruniv osity f "i do knn't ndow a n i'moiot go ng t iask"tht's wne dorsstai hbneigouor yy onlteinvi hd soe wo 'tuldnpl comabain thout e e.nois >> t you hhinkamis n te isodd. la [ erught ] s >> aeth:innd f, allylethe ast va leluabye plaomr frry evety par is thr, yeas he'insittosg crs le bgged oy ant,utle g thehouy w ne toeds ro borphw a chone r.arge pe suwlr boti parlies, y ke m ng toftue aater eyoing otur h ng wia s, yt.burn [ auapplse ] n up dext,rsoctoki worn ng othe ka zisi cris.
1:07 am
, oh idarnt. anwe r o outmef ti. lo lioks 'lke ivel haop to e erat y onocou d ttorsexhe nmet ti ou t. th his basn eea "yrnbu"t. we wl iligbe racht bthk wie mor e "latt.nigh" ee[ chndrs ala app]use atwh t's mheawost dardeca mpr coofany y theear? inrankomg fr t toptto boom. xulu crys ar sjustlieem ke wthey bouldp e todeaward e therer bbettmee soar awinds behd ywhat pou are aying r, rfo.ight fithe answnal er. m thearost awrded cacomp twany s o yearowin a r. wow, it's like a luxy i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? rr cuquent iealifesd gm lsees t can ge aa signrivend dse lea hi on ty s cheve licruzdmite fi
1:08 am
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1:09 am
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1:10 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te ni " ght,ybeverody. u yo oknowexur nest guomt fr his oworke n thtvhit ws shoe "th fa afanir" rid "f"nge. s he iencurrmatly hkingis broff-ayoadwut deb"s in mart pe ,"oplech whins operu febary th 11. pl weasemeelcoth to owe sh,
1:11 am
s >> ieth:o 'm sy happreyou' re he. i' hm so yappye ou'rngmaki the me tile whi'r you pe inewrevis fo e r owi kn m youbeust y ver.busy t >> yhankorou fin hav.g me , yeahlli wi r run hightere di lyrectth to age ste. s >> weth: tell,s hat' very ci ex.ting inow,bet's len ationg inme sce u' yoonve dste a plage ay. >> 1 10,ar1 yeeas, yh. s >> 1eth:1 0, 1s.year owi kn'v youene beki looorng f me sog thino to dewin nk. yor mwhatyoade ciu dehade tist th s waplthe ouay yte wan dd too? w >>--ell vei hapr to e efacayby siting 's co a .medy et>> skah: oy. >> nk tha f youavor hmeing . ah yewi, i unll rht rige her ctdireo ly tstthe age. >> h: setl, welt' tharys ve ci ex.ting inow,bet's len ationg inme sce u' yoonve dste a plage ay. >> 1 10,ar1 yeeas, yh. s >> 1eth:1 0, 1s.year owi kn'v youene beki looorng f me sog thino to dewin nk. yor mwhatyoade ciu dehade tist th s waplthe ouay yte wan dd too? w >>--ell vei hapr to e efacayby siting 's co a .medy et>> skah: oy. b >>t ut ibois aacut rd e an ergend a andf ll oe thosmidynacs d antipolihacs te t arenhapping in w our rorld nightow. whand ren iitead th, i t oughit s warya vert smay plat abou e thest smarlepeoppp gra ling th wise theue issats thre we' all yi tro ng t wdealanith lld teing it a in thway ouat y can tu ac hallyitear . ca beituse ow allu s yoauto lgh,
1:12 am
es the e aricdiffthult tingshat no rbodyy ealls wantalto tk t,abou t andplhis llay aows --you op i he. 'l wee l seghtonit. [ t lighhtlauger ] a inpl cou he of.ours ho llpefu ey anabnjoyidle r e to inget heto tonse catvers.ions >> h: setma i i wgineyohen u g brinhiup tlings acke ro e, d yo elu fean an y xiethein t di au iencee n thnnbegiofing the ow shre whey thet don'e quitknow twhatpeo exct? s >>ure. we thll, oney dno't katw wh to ctexpe t and yhen,noou khew, tse diare ulfficnvt cotiersathons at a we pvoidy rett amuchl t al st co ss intyociegh, rit? an cad i e n se tintorohe cwd. so ee i spl peotee liy rall ok loaring , ound, likei "am al d loweauto lt gh a?"this d ansti ju - seeu - yo, know cl itock . ke liis, the dudinlookoug arnd , like t"oh,s hat'--fun oh uh-. oh , , noreyou'gh lauing. ok goay, od. m i'.good c weo,an gh. yea" >> h: set, nowea10 yours y nt med ione-- or 11. is ha it o rd tbaget ntck ie o th id f ea og doinaya pl? es>> y. ye s. me i i'an, ppm su tosede o liand y, sa, "nonono, 's, ite lik ri adinge. bik on ouce ydo've t,ne is it'."fine thbut ute tr th ofathe mister ythatutou pth -- ure fous of al reavly h den'ta one oflot tethea ar ing lon.time
1:13 am
'r wee -- ye [ g llin] er evy'ybodlks taliing hike ts trand tyingllo fi r theoom! an bod nonody kowws hbe to on ag styme anbeore e causinworkg r foracamea is lecomp tely ff dit erenalanim. >> h: set o oh,urf cose. 'c iausegi ima-ne - we soll, m youbeust so -- u' yovere opercominnsateng wh u' yocrre sngeami. e >>lyxact. d anspthe iace,not's ent ev a ge huse houbr by ayoadw st rdanda ds, i kon'thonow w th guose o ys dit. bu it itg.s bi an u'd yoryre ttoing l fil this ac spd e anreyou'in havslg a ow mo ntionuservoak bre bdownseecau u' yoeare lg rninpa100 ofges iworkren theke wes. an l d al fthattuun sff. s >> neth:yoow, lku taut abo infille g the.spac hayou nve ascude ene. ea>> yh. et>> sn h: iit. fuand roll f.ntal es>> y. m. mo [ rschee ] ah ye. et>> suth: b i nowhe've thard at d baseowon h'r youane st ding honlyofalf a thencudiee ge - ts - tgetsrohe fnt. ug[ la ]hter >> h. yea ll weah, yeac, extly. yo t u goayto pmi preorum fse tho s >> eeth:lyxact. la [ erught ] no rew hey 's mtiqueson. d >> gon'tthive tuat swaff ay. li [ laght erught ] et>> sheh: wien frannds mid faly co whme, siich o de dpuyou emt th on? [ t lighhtlauger ] el>> whal, tpet de fnds,dsrien f ory.amil et>> seah: y gh, i tuesst'has tr .ue .yeah
1:14 am
>> av i h qen't -uiteer- the's heanotinr thm g i'g goinavto he ne a s rvoukdbreaabown out. vei haqun't woite trkedouhat t t. ye et>> seah: yh. w >> yell,eah. go exd, nurt th.sday li [ laght erught ] et>> sorh: si ry, 'tdidnn meato t pu ithaturn yod. hea thbut sat'shiometoung yta got in thouk abt. ll>> aa of ensudd m, myr'othes g goine to bhein tie audnence xt we ndek a g i'm, oing, "hmm'sthat t noe quitunso fnyny a."more et>> so.h: n [ htlauger ] co tungraonlati ws asonell e "th iraffa." >> nk tha. you >> h: set j youwrust d appeup yo ecur sseond .ason nta fac lki tao ed tt a loeoof pple ab thout is. usbecawae i ittch h witifmy we. d an vit'steery wanse ngtchi a ow shut aboaf an , fairyobut u ul wogud arate this it re a gat ve ademrtisfoent inr berrg maied. ec>> b eauseboveryn dy o that wshows ho igeenga ad inicn elit fa afs ir inghaviis a mleerab me ti. >> h: sets it'.true m >>abiserle. ke lins rui o notthnly lieir ves thbut cheir enildriv's lndes a po lyssibr fouivor fe ge tineradoons hewn te. lin j itruust evins oderybliy's ves. et>> s wh: isaill fy, ilieel ke fa afloirs fokedorun fut abo 45 ut minn es ifithe eprst e.isod r >>.ight d an -then- >> h: set b i'dkee liho, "wa, th oois lunks f." d an ythene ou'r, like t"oh,his is ig a nrehtma." ug[ la ]hter lymost'r youste jue, lik, "oh fa afhairs o ve s lmanytiogiscs." gh[ liugt la ]hter es>> y. ta tolly. t if ithwas ifat dltficuin havg
1:15 am
d woulmuyou lyltip it? s >> weth:anith r othe yone,eah. u yotogot ed schitule . ma urke slye on h oneheas t wopasso rd t gyoure oogl ndcalear. li [ laght erught ] thbut s is iuta caryiona -- ou>> yth've t ought abou this e maybtta lioole th. muc et>> s'vh: ioue thabght itout , ah ye. la [ erught ] d anifmy whee, then, ssa'll y li whke, e'en watre wg chinit, s she', liket "whayoare u in th aking?"bout an cad i san't aty th i, so go, "i t jusk thin ahe'sk. jer" ug[ la ]hter th>> "fae af--ir" o i d have th xpis enceriee. "likeafthe " fairgsbrina up lo st ofeyide e. gh rit? >> h: seth. yea w >> yherel ou'latbe wg chin thtogeaner, u'd yoikre lohe, ", is thfu is n. we ju're atst wg chintv to ergeth." yoand owu slooly lerk ov. s "inoshe ngticis thintmome?" an end th i shes. reyou'e, likat "whas an s bl [ ].eep " et>> seah: youh, yer nevt wanin he "tai affour" yfer wile to an rw foard. y >>es. la [ erught ] >> h: setdi "i edn'tthven ink ou abist th." >> p oh,rnopco? ll i'ri be baght ck. >> h: sets thi cis aonautiary ta orle for actcas beyouse veu ha pr a hettyhyealtrd bea"t on he af ."fair >> . yes >> h: set y andraou w tppedhe t firsonseasav, sht ed ioff. ig>> rht. .yeah h whica was t grea wideai hen
1:16 am
en why theedcallba me n ck iand id saop, "oess, r,"hootwa it s no ft so.unny re edalizy thetohad ot shoew a f smores.cene w >>d e hao to g aback- nd -if u yo igoo nte tht firsonseas, an u d yo swillt ee iifnow you ok lo i fort. t atndhe eth of g e biacclimtic en sc te atndhe eth of rse fit onseasm , i'ngwaviun a g in er evy'ybodces fa i andvet's ry ri seanous amd dr aatic'mnd i ar bed. >> h: setth so s ere'lla fue fak d.bear f>> afaull eake brd. d an ythenetou gan paraboid out uf stkef lit thausbeca'se it st jue likr'elmeues gl g andod kn whows haose ir. [ t lighhtlauger ] heand are i tm inidhe mf st o al reerly slyiousti emoling, ke, tri'm tyingllo wis thig thin montocey faus 'cacae i eln fe it in comf.g of so h, yeat thanowas t a hi ghghlit. s >> teth:s hat'thfor d e dv encomm.tary tlikeishis a notris seasous l it.ooks e >>lyxact. >> h: set p youhiut t s on aginstram. th s is i--you th is t is aan rp aiort? th wise the -- t>>s hi tis mheilana rnintenaatioesl, y. s >> aeth:o nd se thesfaare ns of rs youm frophthe piilipnes. >> y theare. >> h: set w anddihat eyd thw kno fryou om? f >>"trom ighe mduhty "cks. et>> sroh: fhem "tht migy ck dus."
1:17 am
asfanttic. d an ywereurou sedpris? s >>edhockld woua be erbett rd wo. et>> seah: yh. ot>> not a lic of cke hon ey i phthe piilip snes,isurpry.ingl et>> suth: by thet mighk thin yo au'rel reaeyhockye plar. o >>amh, d.n it at whis a mopsed unportity. yebut thah, weese llre agh "mity ck duans" fs. uli co bdn'tveelie it. >> h: setyo do ilu starl he "m y ights"duckot a lm fro?fans el>> w'ml, iad canian. haso tlit's -ke - s >> yeth:eah. ou>> ye hav- to -irat bth, ey thli're "cke, atongrioulatns. esskatck, duo s, gon. orgo fndth asp proer." et>> s wh: isaill hey, ter oth in thokg loating s thiurpicte -- do i nk this thiusis jket li a icpublvi serce. li whke, ouen yth're y e guheon t ou e,tsid d you hon'ttoave cr douchown. >> h. yea ah ye. idwe dren't sallyheet tne sce. >> h: set c youusan jant st.d up >> i buto alspo-- urtn fuher re , view'rtheynde kiwe of g arin gh miucty dolks cors. et>> sh,h: oh. yea oh go my hed, trese a -- l >>orike aliginks ducor cols. th e ey'rcadedi tted, gheseuys. >> h: set t andwehey ikre le -- er evy y dae we'r, likesh"we ould we mar ainatchckg duirs sht." thand l ey'llisay "lke, ook, ma thybe s is idathe mey soone t >>vehey'n beee therlifor ke s >> 2eth:ar5 yes. i >>got's toing pe hapn. isstatllticat y, itohas en evlytual. >> h: setre we'a at r majo ai t,rporeo somrone fe m th
1:18 am
ct piure. bu ket mae surguyou roys cuch do wn. gh[ liugt la ]hter th yoank mu sofouch inr beg re he. et>> sanh: cai't w st toheee t ay pl. uajoshks jacevon, oderyby. rt"smapl peopee" ot ns athe to isny kheer t oaterbrn fe uary .11th we be'll ht rigk bac with
1:19 am
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(cell phone rings) wher e e aryou? ll twe sheirrequ als bacre kin t mo m? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you bac momk,? sayheits 's personal this time... if ou ye a 'rm,mo u yo at callwothe merst ti . wit'syohat dou . if you want to seav fi fteen percent or more on car insurance, ityou swgech to ico. hait's wdot you . arwhere e you?'s vitloery reud the .are tayou king aa zumbs?clas ve adurntroes f$5m 99, usplto up 30 $0 to spend at sea. s comethe eek l royaeacaribbn. bo nok, owfeofenr sdsn.oo me jaove s drs hiv4 hrariyb d to tin fhezen roldwinesser. th
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1:22 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te gh nievt," oderyby. ou xtr nest guea is nttaleed ac yotor owu knm frofithe lm ah"abrinam l: colnirvampe nt huer." tistarhing tris spoung y s canee m hiinplaytrg pabaick n temain e thdwbroadaay aioptat n of ri"amepscan ."ycho he o alss starhein t new ni ascholrk spalms fie "th cechoihi," wpech on ns itethears y.toda let's take a look. ou can yany be more l>>ouady, ye no hava. ide l >>ady? c stopng mallidye la. >> is g it .abby h >> gabelloweby, tolcome the ig neodhborho.
1:23 am
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1:24 am
yo idu la. s >> oeth:heh, toure y go. [ t lighhtlauger ] th yaere go. >> s it'.true et>> suth: be likg brinbosomedy th wi. you o >>eah, yeah, yeah, yh. junot itst wsth a errangth in e th r.eate ug[ la ]hter >> h: set't dont jus slikeit er thd e an wthenithen ve's or be , like p"eh,y rett.good yb an--ody ?" [ htlauger ] ha ouve ywe -- oure yan a f of ni ascholrk spalms fifos bere ?this ha u d yo "seennothe oktebo"? ea>> y mh, i--ean no. i .mean . no >> h: seth. yea d soouid yn whegoyou ist th? d dideyou tcidetoime " seethe no oktebo"? w >> tell,a ereserpalm p wholays e th iloveesnterd t haa atmandscory inreen mg atusy hoe. sh vie inevted oderybery ov. s>>h:et t inkhiha ts t', nice th .ough evfor oderyb sy --ashe we, lik otwe gllta ase go hee "t no oktebofo" bee re whido ts. s >>ofort e likega prkiame nd of ng thi. s >> geth:a.otch 'sthatd. goo suget psper d yche.up >> h, yea p getd!umpe [ htlauger ] r foiepuppd s an.rain >> h: set w howouas yrsr fit ot "nk"ebooer expe iencghthou? s let'onbe h eest,thven e rd hamaest thn, "tee no" bookwill nd fiir the i waythnto d e oltear du cts. i >>of -- rs couwee i pt.
1:25 am
t "whaoudo yt? wan" "i 't donw. kno" w "i yroteveou eayry d." i'and tem liy rallingettilg chls ta ' lkint abouigit rowht n. la [ erught ] s >> ieth: t am,oo. ha>> we t ardoyou laing ter? [ htlauger ] et>> sm h: u-- bu met "an ricahopsyc g" -- reat .film an w d noreyou'yi plang pa k tricmabate bn onwaroady. heand a is alserile kilr. i is it --n, meaio obv, uslythis d coulbenot th farwaer aomy fr ch ni solass parkssunleba -- sed t onclhat 'mip ire misg adin"the ch ."oice la [ erught ] he>> t ore'serne s ciouse hoiche ha ms toake. et>> shah: s lll iorove l kil n?agai o >>odh, g. ug[ la ]hter et>> suth: bro appngachis thi le row , hooudo ypa pre-re - 'c tauseishat ar a dark chr,acte pa k tricmabaten. >> h. yea fe i ikel lere evy yboda has tt liatle p brickmaate tn inhem. u yo, knowveyou'n beehein t ro n ad ifitrafd c anthyou t ough rr ho tibles hingmaand ybe amscreheed towm knpeing ople wo 'tuldnr heayou. i but k thinrethe rial titck wh icpatrtek baisman t notino brg omit hthe wi. you s >> reth:htig. li heke wu'n yorere pngpari for rothe le.
1:26 am
d>> io. >> h: set s ande o shdnwoule 't b pe suycr psifhed ri patatck beman ca omme here evghy nit. n >>o. jushe akst wp es uhein tht nig an m d i'insitt sg upngtari at asher .leep sh lie's "gke, cko ba't to he ch ' oiceacchar"ter. li [ laght erught ] et>> s lh: i"tike hohe c gice"uy re mon tha wthiso.eird ea>> yh. s >> yeth:lsou a yo --e ou'vbeen , inouobvi osly, vtherntiole in thgs. br "a lahamlnincop vamwh--" at itwas mp, vahuire ?nter y >> veah,reampis. ab m rahaollincd n anirvamp> es > th seah: ye. a >>uhnd, -- et>> sndh: an theweyou lsre ao in oo "blbldy, aoodyw ndre ck ja wson" which fas astantaic ck roic musbual, sot aly ver-- ab anout jdrewonacksvi, oby ousl ot anprher vettyntioleso pern. at whis it ut abo t youpehat ople ke oiep dhing ts? gh[ liugt la ]hter d>> i kon'tnow. et>> shah: w tt dosehey e in you? m i'ngseeie lik vthisniery ce pe .rson h,>> onk tha. you >> h: set o butusbvio lly aot he otopr perele ae, likis "th y' gu ss mypaocioth." i >>'t donw. kno do i knn't ow. s i walyrealit exco ed tthdo "e cechoiau" 'ct se ionwas te ofhe w feecproj dts iato thmo my ther tecan erll hen fribods aut. >> h: set y oh,eah. usit m -t be- t >> wherebeill pi pupites, 'll be e. fin
1:27 am
"a ambrahco linvaln: e mpir nt hu wer," ihichkes liy ver tiexcing. u yo kguysabnow m rahaollincn? th e ey'r, like y"oh,"eah. l,"welth in neis ohu he nts mp va."ires gh[ liugt la ]hter >> h. yea >> h: setyo do inu bry g ans -- i th anere dry anacew j bkson eing ou brtoght ri patatck b?eman heis tnyre ado -- e youdover th heat woure yye plad a ch tearacfor behore w s hasofort es thole viteent cindenndes a en th p youanlay r otheanone d u yototry ro boromw frm? the w >> iell,l fee blikeofoth os thn e me lhaveofack at emphy. d an jalsoonacksu , yo, knowhe ed usbl to etoodl. u yo, know wthat mas aaledic oc pre edurheat te. tim d anndhe a w hiswoife kiuld nd o of dogit tr.ethe i sol fee tlikearhey e lasimiesritiwe betheen t. two s >> yeth: teah,s hat'eea crpy th toing do. >> h. yea et>> sish: hcatorigul fionres oa br.dway yo reu were andckw ja rson, ight w noouobviwesly e hav il"ham"ton. o whnd-- a-- be bi no eras he -- wiwho fns a bightenetwe an jdrewonacks h andtoamiln? j >>onacksds hann. dow et>> seah: rlly?
1:28 am
dibleeng. s >> seth:hao, tllt wigo be od. i and ehopeuaventthlly wiere ll mbe aalusicre whese we ate th t.figh se'cauhi i tiknk lere evy ybod d woul uliner p foewandrks jacon g >> bonnalie "aeren vsus pr oredat." s >> "eth:n alieusversda pretor" oa br'sdwayn beeinlookr g foan en"alisu vereds pr."ator [ t lighhtlauger ] k thansoyou h mucbefor ing he re. mi u co tungraonlati "s onchthe ."oice ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] be innjamke walver, edyrybo. he "tic chos e" ihein ts aternow. peand marfor oncesmef "an rica ps " ychot stararin mch.
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fi imve-trle wopid cham on der evanl "reahodeal" dlyfiel usvers $ there $4 eaal d l arfrom c.l's jr a brchar oiledub doheesle cgeeburr, an a crd pyisic spickey chndn sawich, pl us small fries d ancean iol-c.d coke rougo, ndter afunrod,
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it's h theigeavywempht cha..ion. of . deals th re $4aleal de. t only a's jcarlr. ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> sy h: mksthan to ielesln, manhu joscka ja son, be innjamke walver, edyrybo. elrussmml sianons cd ofe ours 8gthe d. ban tstay funedcaor " drson"aly.
1:31 am
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